Pavel Adam

a freelance worker - IMS, IP Centrex, Hosted IP PBX, Broadsoft BroadWorks

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Let me introduce myself, I'm a freelance Solution Specialist with focus on IMS and IP Centrex solutions including Unified Communications services.
Main area of my expertise is Broadsoft BroadWorks platform and environment around this platform including but not limited to IP phones, SBCs, Lawful intercept solutions, provisioning, mediation and billing platforms.

I'm based in Czech Republic, but ready to participate on projects anywhere in Europe.

On 2nd on April 2008 I've become first BroadSoft Certified Platform Administrator - BCPA in the world.
See my Certificate and Email from VoIP Training Chief Executive Officer Ben Tchoubineh.

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For more informations please give me a call or drop an email.

Tel: +420 603 213 510
Email: pavel(at)